Alternates United Card Blue Blaze Card March Madness Card Hero Shadow Card Outtake Card
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Alternates United Thumbnail

Episode 16

March for Babies: Alternates United

Blue Blaze Thumbnail

Episode 15

March for Babies: Blue Blaze

March Madness Thumbnail

Episode 14

March for Babies: March Madness

Photo Shoot Thumbnail

Episode 13

Zeta Armor: Photo Shoot

New Duds Thumbnail

Episode 12

Zeta Armor: New Duds

Hero Shadow Thumbnail

Episode 11

Hero Shadow

Waterfront Thumbnail

Episode 10

Seattle Meetup: On The Waterfront

Hero Love Thumbnail

Episode 9

Seattle Meetup: Hero Love

Road Trip Thumbnail

Episode 8

Seattle Meetup: Road Trip

Agent Null thumbnail

Episode 7

Agent Null Returns

Promo Thumbnail

Episode 6

Zeta and Meow Make a Promo

Zetamobile thumbnail

Episode 5


Alternates Dismantled Thumbnail

Episode 4

Alternates Dismantled

French TV Thumbnail

Episode 3

French TV

March for Babies Thumbnail

Episode 2

March for Babies

Operation Treehouse Thumbnail

Episode 1

Operation Treehouse

Willamette Week Thumbnail

Extra 9

Willamette Week

Alternates Origins Thumbnail

Extra 8

Alternates Origins

Citizens Activist Thumbnail

Extra 7

Citizen Activist

Cybex Thumbnail

Extra 6

Cybex, Swords and Tasers

Strawberry Shortcake Thumbnail

Extra 5

Strawberry Shortcake

Raven's Origin Thumbnail

Extra 4

Raven's Origin

L'effet Papillon Thumbnail

Extra 3

L'effet Papillon

Zetaman vs. TV Thumbnail

Extra 2

Zetaman vs. TV

Stratification of Man thumbnail

Extra 1

Stratification of Man